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Body Illusion

In 2017 I put an advertisement on social media that I am looking for people willing to show me their scars and, if they feel open enough - tell me their stories. 
Only women responded.
I aimed to show fractured skin as shiny and beautiful as possible, so I covered it with eyeshadow, which gave it a shimmering effect after turning off the lights.
What inspired me to start this project was my own body and the scars I have after two surgeries on my belly.
The idea about the aesthetic aspect of photos came from the thought that we are a part of the cosmos, just like the stars we see in the dark sky.

Women told me about broken spines, tumours, self-harm, stretch marks etc. One confessed that this project helped her realise that her skin issue is less dramatic than she previously perceived. 

"Self-portrait" depicting torso, belly with scars, black and white photograph
Black and white photograph of a body with a scar after a spine surgery
black and white photograph of a skin with stretch marks after pregnancy
black and white photograph of a skin with scars from self-harm, a close-up of an arm of a woman
black and white photograph of a scar after surgery, a close-up of a torso of a woman
black and white photograph of a large scar on a woman's belly - after a tumor surgery, the scar goes around her navel.
black and white photograph of a scar on an elbow, a close-up on an arm
a black and white photograph of a scar with a tattoo of a fish head and tail, together they look like a fish remains, skeleton

First Annual "Fine Art" exhibition, Los Angeles Center of Photography, CA, USA, 2016 (photo courtesy LACP); Juror: Hamidah Glasgow - executive director and curator at Center For Fine Art Photography at Fort Collins, USA

Hanging on the right side is a photograph by Jennifer Lothrigel.


International exhibition at the InArte Werkkunst Gallery in Bergamo, Italy, 2017; Special guests were prof. Vittorio Sgarbi (an Italian art critic, art historian, writer, politician, and cultural commentator) and Denis Curti (curator, long-time director of photography, founder of STILL and an author of books on photography).

Photo courtesy of InArte Gallery; fragments from the NOWART Magazine published by the gallery.

Zrzut ekranu 2022-12-29 o 10.30.08.png

Prestigious international art exhibition "The London Group Open 2017" at the Cello Factory - organised by the United Kingdom's longest-running (since 1913) artists' collective - The London Group. Read more about its history here.

Susan Haire, the President of the Group at that time, wrote in the catalogue: "The Open has been the backbone of the London Group pretty much ever since, and today, we are proud that a worldwide reputation - this year we had submissions from 27 countries. "

certificate IPA 2016 Honorable mention Marta Wapiennik.png
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